At New Door Residential we are data geeks and stay on top of the latest news related to Local Las Vegas Real Estate. Today we learned that Clark County added the 2nd most number of new residents in 2017. The Las Vegas Review Journal, reports that Clark County added more new residents last year than almost any other county in the nation, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates released late Wednesday. Nevada’s most populous county grew by 47,355 residents in 2017. Only Maricopa County, Arizona, home to most of the Phoenix metro area, added more new residents with 73,650. Nevada State Demographer Jeff Hardcastle said that while a “good chunk” of Clark County’s growth comes from the “natural increase” that occurs when births outnumber deaths,  the population also is rising thanks to an improving economy and a growing local workforce. “Overall, Clark is still a little further along on the recovery than the rest of the state.”

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