When you are ready to sell, you’ll want to maximize the emotional appeal of your home. People who are enchanted with your home upon walking in the door are more likely to buy, and offer you a fair price.  Here are some Seller tips to enhance the emotional appeal of your home:

  1. Turn on ALL the lights to create a warm glow and to brighten the room.
  2. Make sure the windows are clean, and open the curtains or blinds.
  3. Keep the kitchen and baths clean and sparkling. Don’t leave dishes in the sink.
  4. Remove all clutter, make the beds, and pick up toys.
  5. Pack away items that may detract from a buyer’s ability to mentally move into your home such as family pictures.
  6. Make the closets look bigger by packing up the clothes you are not using.
  7. Create a relaxing atmosphere with soft music.
  8. Make people feel at home with homey scents such as freshly baked cookies or bread.

These are just a few items to make a great impression when a buyer walks through the door.   Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.  Buyers don’t look at just one home – they have scheduled multiple viewings in one day.  People who walk in and are enchanted with your home are more likely to buy.

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